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Terms of Services.... United States (Cost plus or negotiable contract) 
Skilled 60. hourly plus 20% profit and overhead 
Semi-skilled 30. hourly plus 20% profit and overhead 
Travel time charge hourly outside of one hour radius. 
Out-of-state travel, overnight or overtime, airline travel, hotel and ancillary expenses must be pre-arranged and paid 30 days prior to travel 
Terms of Services Overseas (By agreement) 
Travel time @ $ 70. USD per hour door to door 
All expenses paid (airfare, hotel, transportation, logistics and insurance, room and board all meals, all charges associated with project) 
By the week: (minimum charge one week, non-refundable) $4,000. USD (50 hour week) 
Money must be on deposit in Benchmarks account (non-refundable) prior to travel 
Extension of time and service must show proof of deposit and change of airline ticket to effect duration of stay. 
Our service: Job oversight based upon 38 years of empirical knowledge derived from active building and participation in the trades (USA and Globally) 
We work with local architects, builders and specialty contractors in each country. 
(More information on request) 

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